Wednesday, July 19, 2017

nor in nor out

endogenous flashes in my
coffin glue and saw a
dust-deep bed bu
rsts beneath my eye You
with water to rise by
falling tissue dance en
visioned as a blank un
libro torturado como car
ne de lavandería churns
was We at the roots of
doors the windows exogenous
foaming saw You in the blood
of envelopes me in the flo
oded hope could see a
lightproof pod of songs was
oil hosing from the dark anus
was the basement steps the cra
ckling concrete floor was my
face in sssleep

With lines from Jim Leftwich,

Synonymous Pronoun Poems, 1993


te mi do la
ca ra te to
co la len
gua gua gua

wake not

sleep and short
sleep and wall
sleep and stun

the outer cloud
the inner lake
the other spoon

is nor was
cream nor fall
bomb nor think

pencil in air
tongue in air
shoe in air

glass break is
window hair is
grave L step is

Sunday, July 16, 2017

for tune

slaw mite sings yr
gas intestino in tensivo
que me puse guaje mi
col rajado ,son áta me
desátame in cantado in
sectívoro sudado en mi
camisa de hule ,humming
,torcido sorta ,said my
stunned shade resonation
,cells in my bursting mouth
.in shade the swallowed
chord a strangled sh
adow ,bursts from the
nether hole

embolismo ,bólido ,c

aught the breath